The journey of this incredible steel disk began in 2000 off the shores of Lake Garda and Brescia. The reasoning behind this was to improve the usage of my motorbike. In these years this idea and project have been my main focus through my every day work allowing this idea to become a challenge, and the challenge to become a real result. Having overcome various difficulties in 2007 we were able to achieve the final result fully aware of having created a simply brilliant and ingenious tool.
In the same year, together with my son and Dutch relatives, with great joy and satisfaction, we were able to found the GIRAMOTO Company.

We are eager to finally share the results of our project thus also giving voice to the memory of Monique, a person who was very dear to us.


GIRAMOTO opposite 360 is a revolving support for motorcycles invented and totally realized by Andrea Giacomini,

(patent for utility model No. 0000257451 issued by the Ministry of Productive Activities Italian Patent and Trademark Office).

(attempts at plagiarism will be prosecuted legally)

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