Practical use:
With GIRAMOTO you can steer a motorbike with a central kickstand.

Maximum external kickstand width 43 cm and minimum internal width 16 cm. GIRAMOTO must always be placed on solid ground, flat and clean.

Switch off the engine before positioning your bike on GIRAMOTO. Advance with the front wheel until the kickstand is on top of GIRAMOTO, park the bike on the kickstand and steer it in the desired position.

Moving off:
Do not switch the engine on if GIRAMOTO is still positioned between the two wheels.

Do not use the brakes if the front or rear wheel are still on the GIRAMOTO.


GIRAMOTO B.V. offers a 2 year guarantee, however this will not be applicable if GIRAMOTO has been taken apart or tampered with.
Please keep packaging and invoice.





material: AISI Type 316 Stainless Steel
weight: 32.6 pounds
diameter: 20.47”
thickness: 100mm
max. load capacity: 1,100 lbs
no moving parts
warranty: 2 yrs.
price: 500 Euros ($580)


Where can “GIRAMOTO” be used:

  • at home in your garage
  • dealer showrooms for display
  • trade shows and exhibits (car/motorcycle shows)
  • conventions
  • aftermarket dealers and shops
  • mechanics and repair shops
  • motorcycle racing (in semi trucks, pit stops, etc.)
  • shipping and containers
  • OR – anywhere you would like to turn your motorcycle around or simply accent your bike’s look by placing it on the Giramoto “designer pedestal”

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